Krill Prime

Krill Prime

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Krill oil health benefits backed by science!

  • Healthy and strong joints, with a decrease in joint pain.
  • A boosted and strong immune system to fight viruses and infections. 
  • A healthy heart, brain and nervous system.
  • Control of diabetes, and other sugar regulating issues.
  • Healthy liver and kidney functions.
  • An ability to age in the healthiest way and look younger.
  • Control of bad Cholesterol.
  • Regeneration of damaged cells.
  • Renewed energy, vitality and strength.

Stop your arthritis pain and inflammation, boost your immune system, fight the signs of ageing, protect your body and more, all from a tiny, but extraordinary sea creature!

Krill Prime contains Superba Krill Oil, which is undoubtedly the best quality oil available in the world. Superba Krill are the only supplier who own and control the entire Krill harvesting and production process; which ensures the highest levels of quality from sea to softgel capsule.

Being able to trust that your Krill oil comes from a sustainable and traceable source is crucial in order to ensure that you cant rust the quality of the raw material is the best, whilst also making sure that it is also being harvested and refined in the finest possible way.

A recent study showed that 97% of humans are deficient in vital Omega-3 fatty acids, which Krill Prime’s Superba oil is packed with. Without sufficient Omega-3 in your diet, your heart, eyes, liver, brain, many other organs, your general health and immunity will suffer; that’s simply how important it is. When you consider in addition to Omega-3, the other key nutrients contained in Krill oil, you will we see why it’s such a vital super food!

The best quality oil available!
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