Krill Prime

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Krill oil health benefits backed by science!

  • Healthy and strong joints, with a decrease in joint pain.
  • A boosted and strong immune system to fight viruses and infections. 
  • A healthy heart, brain and nervous system.
  • Control of diabetes, and other sugar regulating issues.
  • Healthy liver and kidney functions.
  • An ability to age in the healthiest way and look younger.
  • Control of bad Cholesterol.
  • Regeneration of damaged cells.
  • Renewed energy, vitality and strength.


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  • Unique softgel formulation using the special properties of Green Lipped Mussel Oil
  • Alleviate Chest Inflammation

The unique, specially produced Green-Lipped Mussel Oil contained in every Asmanol softgel capsule has been proven to be a natural, safe and very effective.

“Greenlipped Mussel Oil Extract is the most powerful anti-inflammatory available. Its Anti-inflammatory pain relieving action is superior to any conventional pharmaceutical medicine”

90 Hardgel capsules


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Men, why not be in control of your prostate problems while making your immune system a lot stronger? Isn’t now the best time to do both?


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Along with boosting your immune system to fight viruses, Curcumin has powerful anti-viral properties. It is also antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial.

Turmeric Ultra

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The Queen of Spices, used for 4,000 years can help you to

strengthen your immune system to be better able to fight

viruses and diseases; and also helps your body in many

other ways. Also contains Bioperine, Vitamins C & D,

Zinc & Copper.

30 Capsules


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Learn about the amazing secret of the fishermen from New Zealand that can help your arthritis issues today!


  • Ease Joint Pain
  • Aid Joint Lubrication
  • Enhance Joint Mobility - Anti-inflammatory
  • Alleviate Inflammation - Combat Arthritis
  • 90 Hardgel capsules


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If you’re over 30, your body can’t make this vital ingredient of good health any more. So you SHOULD take it just to stay healthy!

However if you have :

  • Joint problems and arthritis pain?
  • Poor circulation?
  • Failing eyesight?
  • High blood pressure?
  • Difficulty sleeping and feeling exhausted? 
  • Constantly getting sick?
  • Skin problems or difficulty losing weight? 
  • Or just want to turn back time?

       – Then you MUST take it!

Prostate Prime

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Many men are already using the solution, so why should you be missing out?

Are you recognising many of the issues:

  • Needing the toilet numerous times at night. 
  • Broken sleep for you, and your partner.
  • Your bladder never feels empty.
  • Slow, dripping, and painful urine flow.
  • Incontinence & embarrassment. 
  • Weak immune system.
  • Reduced sex drive.
  • Lack of confidence.